My Story

I am a graphic designer in Houston, Texas constantly seeking knowledge and challenge. I design for identity, print, and web design. I combine visual elements with beautiful typography, resulting in both stunning and clean design. 

I have embraced art and design since an early age; I drew on the dashboard of my dad’s truck and also ate lots of alphabet soup. My creative thinking, aesthetics, and visual eye have led me to an amazing design career. I enjoy working on graphics each day, it is a true passion that is exciting each and every day. I enjoy making beautiful designs to entice viewers and communicate visually.

I have successfully worked with ad agencies, web developers, small and large businesses, design boutiques, as an in-house designer, and also with friends and family. Over the past few years of practicing design, I have worked with a variety of industries – from oil and gas to entertainment. My work has won me several awards and honors, and has also been featured online. I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and WordPress. And when I am away from the computer I love hand lettering, making homemade cards, painting, and running.

I graduated from Sam Houston State University in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design. My senior year of college, I completed an Undergraduate Honors Thesis on animal-human relationships, Visualizing Reverse Parallels. Through this creative endeavor I designed infographics, had an exhibition displaying prototypes and inviting visuals, as well as a final process book. Learn more about my senior thesis here.

I am creative, a designer, and just simply clever.